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Main listening room gear consists of:


Turntable: Dr. Feickert Analogue Woodpecker

Isolation: Table sits on a Mapleshade 2" thick Maple Platform. Maple rests on 4 sets of 2" Isoblocks


Tonearm: Kuzma 4Point9


Cartridge: Lyra Kleos


Step Up Transformer: Sound Tradition Live! MC-901 with Hashimoto H-2018 MC Transformer


Phono Preamp: Herron Audio VTPH-1
fitted with (4) NOS Telefunken 12AX7 and (1) NOS Brimar 12AT7 Tubes


Line Stage: Audio Research LS17SE / Power amp: Bryston 8B-ST (Harvested from a Lexicon Lares System)


Speakers: Bowers and Wilkens CM10 s2 Floor standing speakers with IsoAcoustics Gaia II Isolator feet




Secondary listening room gear consists of:


Turntable: Technics SL1200 MK2
modded with KAB Electro Acoustics TD-1200 Tonearm Damping System and Litz copper Tonearm wiring)


Cartridge: Ortofon 2M Bronze Moving Magnet


Phono Preamp: Rupert Neve Designs Fidelice


Phono & Intragrated Power Amplifier: Marantz PM8003


Speakers: Bowers and Wilkens 685 s2 bookshelf speakers with Polk Audio PSW202 Subwoofer



Cabling for both rooms: Audioquest high end interconnects and power cables.



Images of Main Room